Success Stories

At 44 Paul Is The Strongest, Leanest

and Healthiest He Has Ever Been

For me it’s been a long journey. When I started at Pure Power Fitness I weighed around 88Kg’s. That wasn’t too bad considering there was a point at my life were I tipped the scales at over 120Kg’s.

To tell you the truth getting that first 30Kg’s of wasn’t that hard but it was the final 10-15 that I was having a real problem with. I was seeing a personal trainer at the time but I really felt that this guy wasn’t the man that was going to help me achieve my goals of getting less than 80 kg’s.

After interviewing many trainers I chose Brendan as he just seemed to know exactly what I needed to do to get these final kilos off.

Instantly I signed up to his program, Metabolic Precision and hasn’t that been the best decision I have made. For the first time in my life my exercise and nutrition was given a structure that was fool proof.

My sessions were challenging and fun at the same time. I was taught so much about nutrition that I can actually construct my own nutrition plan.

For once in my life I knew exactly how to train and eat to achieve my goals.Instantly within my first 12 weeks I lost 7 kilo’s and my second 12 weeks I lost another 6 kilo’s. So far I have lost 13 Kilo’sand now I tip the scales at 75 kilos way under were my original goal was. My body fat percentage is at 11% but the most exciting thing is i feel like how I should’ve felt in my 20’s.

-Paul noble

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Jackie Has Lost More That 20Kg’s

Of Pure Fat In Only 12 Weeks

When I first met Brendan my weight problem was beginning to get out of control. In my early 20’s I was always skinny.

I could literally eat anything I wanted without putting on weight. This eventually caught up to me in my late 20’s and I needed a solution to my problem.So I got in contact with Brendan from Pure Power Fitness and started straight away.

5 months ago I started at 77 Kg’s and have smashed my goal of under 60 and actually am weighing in just less than 57Kg, a loss of over 20Kg.

My body fat percentages have dropped by 15% and have lost more than 70Cm’s of the circumference of my body. 

I am over the moon with the results I have achieved from working with Brendan.If you’re in a position now where you are not happy with your weight don’t wait around and just think about making a change.

Get in contact with Brendan immediately and get started on one of his programs. In a few months you could be a little bit older and heavier or you’re could be achieving your goals and living a life of health and vitality. WHICH WILL IT BE!!!

-Jackie Newman

 Lauren Has Lost An Insane 18Kg’s

I have always struggled with my weight ever since I was a teenager.

Having a family that didn’t really understand a healthy lifestyle I was always encourage trying the fast solution. 

I have literally tried shake diets, prescription weight loss pills, crash dieting, Lemon detox diet and multiple times at Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers. 

Some of these things have given me results but as soon I came off them my weight would go straight back to where it started.

I seriously thought I had no chance of being happy with my weight. My last option was to seek a personal trainer. If this wasn’t to work then nothing would.

As soon as I finished my consultation I realised that I had made the right choice. I was lucky enough to speak with one of Brendan clients before my consultation and he had told me of the amazing results that he had achieved.

As soon as I signed on, Brendan spoke to me of the commitment that was needed in order to achieve a body transformation. He spoke a lot about mindset and how at the moment it was sabotaging any chance of achieving results.

Fast track 6 months. I have currently lost 17.6Kg’s to date and have got my body fat percentage down from 31% to 23%. My starting weight was 81 Kg’s and I am currently 63.6Kg’s.

My goal weight is 58Kg’s and I’m working hard as ever to achieve that in the next 6 weeks.The most exciting thing is that I am confident that I have learned to live a lifestyle that will keep the weight of forever.

-Lauren Runje 

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Aaron Lost 10Kg’s In 12 Weeks

In my teens and early 20’s my weight was never an issue for me. I lived an active lifestyle playing different sports. Until a few years back I had to have a complete knee reconstruction potentially ending my football career.

That’s when the weight started to go on. Not being able to exercise and eating poorly led me to put on 15Kg literally overnight.

Having never entered a gym and not having the confidence yet to go back to playing sport I decided to take part in the Pure Power Fitness 12 week transformation challenge.

Training with Brendan at Pure Power Fitness he was very confident that I could get my weight back down to 95 in a relatively short time.

The first thing we addressed was my nutrition using the proven system of metabolic precision. Not even knowing what a carb or a protein was within a couple of weeks I had learned everything I needed to know to eat correctly to get my weight of in the fastest time possible.

Since then I have managed to lose 10 kilos in the 12 week challenge and hit my goal of getting under 100Kg. The training has been fantastic with Brendan it is always challenging however very enjoyable. I’m so glad I made that decision to begin personal training with Brendan as I would have never been able to reach my goals without him and the team at Pure Power Fitness.

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Cody Lost Over 24Kg’s And

Totally Changed His Life

When I first started with Pro Trainer Brendan Doherty to tell  you the truth I wasn’t even excited at all. I was nagged by my partner to start some kind of exercise program because both she and I could see that my weight was becoming an issue.My partner was getting some good results. So I thought what the hell I’ll try one of Brendan’s trial periods and see what happens.

WOW!!! Instantly a whole new world opened up. After my first session I instantly realised how my lifestyle was sabotaging my health and well being. I realised that my procrastination of ‘I’ll start exercising next week’ was fear of failure and me excepting that I was going to be overweight for the rest of my life. What I learned was to become an action

See the thing is there is never a perfect time to begin an exercise program. After chatting with Brendan, I now understand that no matter what is happening in life I need to shift some focus onto myself and just start achieving my goals straight away.

Since that first session only 5 months ago I now don’t drink alcohol anymore, have learned correct nutrition that suits my lifestyle and understand what the word ‘EXERCISE’ is really about. Not to mention I have lost 24 kilos off my body and went from a body fat percentage of 26% to 14%.

If you’re procrastinating about exercise just stop right now. Become an action taker and book in with Pro Trainer Brendan Doherty because you will soon realise what I have, that it’s NOW OR NEVER!!!

-Cody Hall Mechanic, Healesville

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I Lost 12Kg’s & 62Cm’s In His First 12 Weeks

Before joining with Pure Power Fitness my weight was spiralling out of control.

I was constantly eating junk from the tuck shop and feeling lethargic and tired all day long. I always have had a dream to be in the MFB (Melbourne Fire Brigade) but my weight and fitness has always held me back.

When beginning on the Metabolic Precision program I instantly realised how my lifestyle was
sabotaging my health.

It also gave me the knowledge on how to make small changes to increase my health and well being.

From my first 12 weeks program I have lost 12.6Kg and 62 cm of the circumference of my body.

What I like is my health and fitness has gone through the roof and I have just applied to become a fire-fighter in the MFB. I owe my new body and lifestyle to Pure Power Fitness.

-Tim Jordan

Getting Under 100Kg’s Has

Totally Changed My Life

Prior to training with Pure Power Fitness I had managed to let my weight spiral out of control. For a long time I was over 100Kg and my lifestyle was making me head towards an even higher body weight if I didn’t do anything about it.

Having never exercised before in my life I decided to get in contact with Pure Power Fitness as the head trainer there Brendan seemed very knowledgeable about exercise and nutrition with a proven track record.

Let fast forward 12 weeks and I have managed to lose just over 10Kg of weight bringing me under the 100Kg mark for the first time in years.

My life has changed dramatically since embarking on my weight loss journey with Pure Power Fitness. I now enjoy working out and eating healthy. I also am influencing others around to create a health and fitness lifestyle for themselves.

I could not have done it without the team at Pure Power Fitness they walked me through every step of the way.

Listen To James Transformation Here:

Alan Lost Just Over 6Kg’s

In His First 6 Weeks

My weight has been yo-yoing for years now. I would begin a weight loss program get results then plummet back to my old weight.

I was searching for a program that could give me results that would last.Being a shift worker it makes it hard for me to stick to a training and nutrition program.

Working with Brendan he gave me structure to my nutrition so I was able to create my own nutrition program to suit my lifestyle.

Since beginning with Pure Power Fitness I have lost over 6Kg of  body fat and a total of 42 cm of the circumference of my body.

I would highly recommend working with Brendan at Pure Power Fitness as his programs are flexible to suit different lifestyles.

-Alan Stevenson