Finally A Solution To Free Your Body From Ugly Stubborn Body Fat…  Melt Away Your Bulging Waist Line To Transform Your Ugly Bits Into A Tight Toned Physique With Croydon’s Top Personal Trainers

If Exercise Is On Your To Do List… Then This Is Going To Be The Most Influential Life Changing Page You Will Ever Read

Dear Friend,
I wanted to ask YOU something important...

  • Does looking in the mirror make you feel embarrassed or ashamed?
  • Frustrated that your current weight loss program is giving you little or no results
  • Annoyed having to continually buy new clothes to fit your ever-growing waist & thighs.
  • Sick of unrealistic Fad Diets that don't work or make you feel any better in the long run
  • Had enough of being too busy with work, life and kids to make time for exercise
  • Getting sick of wearing dark clothes to hide your embarrassing bulges
  • Frustrated with not being able to shift any weight from your troubling areas

Shortly You're Going To Discover Why Local Residents Are Choosing Pure Power Fitness As Their No#1 Choice For
Losing Weight Sculpting A New Healthy Physique

Hi, My name is Brendan & I am the owner of Pure Power FitnessBrendan right

As a certified personal trainer for over 10 years now I have come into contact with a variety of weight loss problems from the 100’s of client I have worked with.

This is great news to you, with this experience no weight loss problem is too challenging for our team of personal trainers and myself.

We have managed to help people with some of the most complex weight loss problems and still produced nothing short of exceptional results.


So this means that upon meeting with new clients immediately we can relate to them and tailor make a program that will have them achieving their weight loss and muscle toning goals in shortest time possible

Losing 17.6 Kg Has Totally Changed Lauren’s Life

Lauren with copy doodleI have always struggled with my weight ever since I was a teenager. I have literally tried shake diets, prescription weight loss pills, crash dieting, Lemon detox diet and multiple times at Jenny Craig & Weight Watchers.

As soon as I joined up with Pure Power Fitness i knew i was on the right track.

Fast track 6 months. I have currently lost 17.6Kg’s to date and have got my body fat percentage down from 31% to 23%. My starting weight was 81 Kg’s and I am currently 63.6Kg’s. My goal weight is 58Kg’s and I’m working hard as ever to achieve that in the next 6 weeks.

-Lauren Runje

Jackie Dropped 22 Kg Of Pure Fat In Less Than 5 Months!!

JJ with copy doodleIn my early 20’s I was always skinny. I could literally eat anything I wanted without putting on weight. This eventually caught up to me in my late 20’s and I needed a solution to my problem. So I got in contact with Brendan from Pure Power Fitness and started straight away.

5 months ago I started at 77 Kg’s and have smashed my goal of under 60 and actually am weighing in just less than 57Kg, a loss of over 22Kg. My body fat percentages have dropped by 15% and have lost more than 70Cm’s of the circumference of my body. I am over the moon with the results I have achieved from working with Pure Power Fitness.

Jackie – Yarra Glen

That Sounds Great But I Have Tried Exercise Before And It Didn't Work

Well I’m glad you said that let me explain:

Throughout the years I have come across and dealt with the majority of problems it takes to drop those unwanted kilos, people from all different walks of life with different dietary issues.

From this I have learnt ways to OVERCOME these issues.

Do Any Of These Sound Familiar?

  • Only Doing Exercises You Feel Comfortable With
  • Doing Long Boring Cardio For Hours At A Time
  • Beginning Your Workouts With No Structure In Place
  • Not Being Able To Maintain A Nutrition Plan For More Than A Couple Of Weeks
  • Setting Goals And Completely Forgetting About Them
  • Expecting To achieve Results Similar To Infomercial Gimmicks
  • Loosing Focus Of Your Reason To Lose Weight In The First Place
  • Not Allocating Time For The Gym
  • Not Allowing Time To Prepare And Eat Your Food
  • Lack Of Education Regarding Exercise And Nutrition To Lose Weight

How Many Of These Issues Did You Relate To?

At 44 Paul Is The Lightest & Fittest He Has Ever Been 

Paul Noble copy doodleWhen I started at Pure Power Fitness I weighed around 88Kg’s. That wasn’t too bad considering there was a point at my life were I tipped the scales at over 120Kg’s. To tell you the truth getting that first 30Kg’s of wasn’t that hard but it was the final 10-15 that I was having a real problem with.

I did some careful research and joined up at Pure Power Fitness. Instantly I signed up to his program, Metabolic Precision and hasn’t that been the best decision I have made.

So far I have lost 13 Kilo’s and now I tip the scales at 75 kilos way under  my original goal was. My body fat percentage is at 11% but the most exciting thing is a feel like how I should’ve felt in my 20’s.

The newfound confidence has given me ability to change to a new career as a personal trainer so I can help people in the same way as Pure Power fitness helped me.

-Paul noble

Rachel Literally Lost Half Her Bodyweight  

Rachel MalcolmMy entire adult life i have always had an issue with my weight. Eventually i had enough and decided that i wanted this problem to go away.

I started exercising and eating well on my own and managed to lose around 30kg. Eventually i hit a sticking point and nothing happened for months.

So that when i got in contact with Pure Power Fitness. They educated me and everything that was needed to get my weight down to an acceptable level.

That was 18 months ago and since then i have lost another 33Kg’s.

Within 2 and a half years i had literally lost half of my own bodyweight and feel the best i have ever felt. Without the help of Pure Power Fitness i couldn’t have gotten were i am now.

- Rachel Malcolm.

Read On As This Could Be The Exact Reason Your Not Achieving Your Tight & Toned Physique

boring cardio

You see I have spent years in gyms and I have seen all the common mistakes people make to lose weight. Let me
draw you a picture first.

You decide you want to lose weight and get the body of your dreams so this leads you to start a diet that possibly a friend told you about or you found on Google from a self proclaimed expert.

Now your diet is in place you begin a long grueling cardio regime were you jog, swim or use cardio machine for durations of 45min or longer.

If this sounds familiar to you then you must read on because this is going to be the most important piece of information you will read about exercise and nutrition to date.

Firstly the word diet makes me cringe every time I hear it. Typically a diet involves cutting out certain foods or decreasing the amount of food that you eat in order to get your body to burn excess fat.

99% of the time the body just doesn’t work this way. From all the research papers I’ve read I can comfortably tell you this won’t work. When you begin to restrict the calories that you uptake the human body begins to decrease the calories it uses for energy. (Less fat burning potential)

What happens is their body realises that there is fewer calories available for energy, so their bodies go into what is called starvation mode.

Starvation mode is a survival mechanism that our body uses when the threat of starvation is apparent. Once our body reaches this starvation mode two things happen:

  • The body uses fewer calories per day for energy, therefore compensating for the reduction in calories.
  • The body is now very reluctant to give away any body fat, as it believes that the lack of food is a real threat to its well-being.

Is It Possible That The All Mighty Cardio Is The Reason For Your Bulging Waist Line


Once your DIET is in place many people will now decide that a gym membership is their next option to fast track their fat loss.

Once undertaking the gym they will use something like the cross-trainer or low impact exercise. The workout will generally be at a steady state for 45 – 60 minutes were they burn roughly around 300-400 calories 3 times a week.

“Great”, now their body is defiantly going to burn unwanted fat.

Remember the calorie-restricted diet mentioned earlier that told us our body was already in starvation mode and not willing to give up any body fat.

So is the energy going to come from? 
Great question!

Unfortunately when our body is in starvation mode it has the ability to break down muscle to use as energy, therefore slowing down our metabolism even more.

We literally burn muscle as energy creating an even slower metabolism

Shocking isn’t it!

This is the real dilemma and the exact reason why so many people fail with weight loss.

Rest assured at Pure Power Fitness there is a solution

Dearne Is In The Best Shape Of Her Life 

dearne DummetIn my 20′s & 30′s i have always been fit and healthy. When i hit my late 30′s all of a sudden the weight was starting to creep up on me. To be honest i hadn’t changed anything.

I decided to take action on it before it became a problem. So i got in contact with Brendan from Pure Power Fitness and after talking with him decided to join up.

Since joining i have lost over 7Kg’s of body fat and improved my muscle mass by over 4Kg’s. 

I feel the best i have in years and i thank it all to the team at Pure Power Fitness.

- Dearne Dummit

This Is What Your Going To Expect When Training With Pure Power Fitness

  • Learn how to perform exercises that get you the most bang for your buck and feel comfortable doing them
  • Create structure in your training program so from each session you are guaranteed to get fitter, leaner & stronger
  • You will learn the secrets to setting and achieving goals so your mind doesn't wander away from the goals
  • You will learn how to implement our fast training sessions so the gym doesn't take hours and hours of your time
  • Learn the secrets behind high intensity training to cut your cardio sessions to 30 mins
  • Learn how to stay on track with your customised nutrition program so you don't blow out on calories with so called cheat days
  • You will understand your capacity to lose weight and be given realistic expectations of how much weight your body can lose in a time duration
  • You will learn the secrets to preparing fast delicious and nutritious meal in only a few minutes a day so your not slaving away in the kitchen


Now your probably wondering what is it I can achieve whilst training with Pure Power Fitness…

…. I’m glad you’re thinking that because it’s a question I get asked a lot. Throughout the years I have been transforming lives I have come to notice many common trends within the first 30 days.

You see when you haven’t been exercising some of the greatest results will come in the first month.

This is because your body goes through an initial shock were it has to quickly catch up to the demand your putting it through…

I’m not going to lie the first few weeks will be tough but if your ready for a complete body transformation it will not compare to the pain you will feel if you continue to keep lugging around those ugly unwanted kilo’s.

Can You Imagine 30 Days From Now This Will Happen

Firmer arms, legs, thighs and back side

bumThe awesome thing about our programs is whilst you are burning body fat you are also performing exercises that are designed to tighten and tone your whole body. You’ll be amazed after the first 30 days how your muscle tone begins to start showing.

Tighter, firmer abs which results in a smaller waist line


I’m sure you have probably realised know the sit-ups don’t get rid of the body fat around your waist. Instead our nutrition program matched with our core-strengthening program is the fastest way to shrink away your waistline.

An increased metabolism so you can burn fat all day long


This is the biggest reason why we achieve such exceptional results with our clients. Our training programs are designed to ramp up your metabolism so you are burning body fat at the highest level you have in years. Its what we call the after-burn effect.

A decrease of 2 – 5 Kg of body fat


That’s right! From the 1st training session your body will start to burn body fat at a faster rate than it has ever done before. This is due to the after burn that you will get from our scientifically structured resistance and cardio programs

Look and feel 10 years younger

Rejuvenate your Image Final Photo Its no surprise that exercise and sound nutrition will make you younger, not just on the inside but the outside as well. At your next high school reunion everyone will be commenting on how healthy and young you look

Greater feeling of self-confidence & an increase in wellness

Happy Attractive Woman and Man Couple In Sunglasses At Beach My favourite benefit of exercise is the feel good effect that it gives people. You’ll be doing things that you were previously day dreaming about with the every increasing amount of energy and wellness you will feel from our personal training programs.


Now I could sit here all day and roll of the benefits of getting started with Pure Power Fitness.

However all these amazing changes will only happen unless you make a decision to get started.

…That’s right nothing will happen until you make the decision to change your lifestyle.

Once you’ve made that decision I can then show you the road to achieving that lean, toned physique whilst throwing the old lazy flabby you in the bin….

However Your Probably Wondering How Pure Power Fitness Manages To Get These Exceptional Results With Their Clients.

Rolled together this creates a program that immediately sets you up to never fail at achieving the physique you desire.

Plus We Have A NO RISK Money Back GUARANTEE

All Our Programs Are Backed With A 30 Day Money Back Gaurantee

In fact I would like to extend a further offer in that if you follow our science based exercise & nutrition programs and don’t see any results I will refund the program plus give you a fresh crisp $100 bill in your hand just for your troubles.

This is how serious we are about our Personal Training

Yes I want To Activate My FREE Fitness Test Drive & Finally Rid My Body Of Stubborn Unwanted BodyFat


We really look forward to meeting you soon

Brendan Doherty & The Team At Pure Power Fitness

P.S. Remember you are only taking the first step, come try us out, you are not committed to anything and have nothing to lose but that ugly unwanted stubborn fat.

P.P.S: I’m sure you a little bit interested in finding out what our secret Fat Blasting weapon is….

Please not that all results displayed on this website are of real people, and results may vary from person to person.

Your Almost There But Still Have A Couple Of Last Questions

  • q-iconI really need help with my nutrition isn’t personal training all about exercise?

    I always smile when I hear this because yes traditionally personal training has always been about exercising however our trainers are all qualified Metabolic Nutritionists. All that means is that every client embarks on a 6-week nutrition re-program were you learn all the foods to eat to achieve results. You actually will find yourself teaching all your friends and they will think your amazing.

  • q-iconCan’t I just do group classes and get results?

    Firstly group classes will never focus on the important aspects like nutrition and mindset. Secondly for exercise to work it needs to be totally tailored to your level of conditioning. Every single person needs a different exercise program. This is where our personalised service will fast track your body.

  • q-iconHow much does it cost?

    Great question this all depends on the different programs we have on offer to suit your needs. However we have programs that start from as little as $20 per week.

    The question is do you value yourself enough to invest $20 per week into your health and fitness

  • q-iconI don’t have much time available to exercise! 

    That’s great because you don’t need much time to train. We have a range of different faced paced programs for people on the go. We can also train when it suits you, as we are available at a range of different times.

  • q-iconDon’t you have to be fit to do personal training!

    This is a question I get asked a lot. The really cool thing about Pure Power Fitness is our programs are always customized to suit your fitness level. That means no matter how unfit you are we can create a program that suit yourself and will progress your fitness in the fastest time possible


  • q-iconWhat is the 'Free Fitness Test Drive'

    The fitness test drive is a No Obligation “Free Consultation” designed to find out about your health & fitness goals. We will then advise you on which program best suits your needs based on budget, time availability & commitment level.

Yes I want To Activate My FREE Fitness Test Drive & Finally Rid My Body Of Stubborn Unwanted BodyFat