Introducing A Revolutionary Way To Exercise Called “High Intensity Group Fitness” That Not Only Burns Fat 3 Times Faster Than Traditional Cardio, But Is Fun, Varied & Exciting…

Rachel Malcolm


Dear Friend, I wanted to ask YOU something important...

  • Are you tired of endless hours on the treadmill
  • Sick of long boring workouts that seem to never get you any fat burning results
  • Frustrated with not making any Fat Loss progress in-spite of all your effort
  • Or are you just looking to have more FUN when you exercise

Introducing “High Intensity Group Fitness” Training

How does it work?

Simple… We use the latest science based approach to exercising. This revolutionary approach has shown to burn 3 times more fat than traditional boring cardio.

I don’t want to give away all my secrets just yet, as my competitors might figure out why we get the BEST RESULTS… But i’ll give you this…

Exercising in a High Intensity format not only burns more fat in a shorter amount of time than traditional cardio training, but creates a unique “After-Burn” affect than will have you burning additional fat for the next 24 hours after a workout.

This one little secret is the key to getting, nothing short of amazing results with our clients.

If you don’t believe me check out some of our results below

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Here is a sample of what you will experience…

  • All workouts are structured for maximum caloric burn
  • Workouts are performed in a group format so you’re always having fun and laughing in-between exercises
  • Our expert instructors make sure all workouts are tailored to suit beginner to advanced trainees
  • You’ll receive continued support & motivation to help you reach you’re fitness goals in the shortest time possible.

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Plus We Have A NO RISK Money Back GUARANTEE

All Our Programs Are Backed With A 30 Day Money Back Gaurantee

In fact I would like to extend a further offer in that if you follow our science based exercise & nutrition programs and don’t see any results I will refund the program plus give you a fresh crisp $100 bill in your hand just for your troubles.

This is how serious we are about our Personal Training