5 Core Exercises You Should Be Doing

core training

Lets face it!!

If you haven’t realized yet crunches and sit-ups are pretty much a waste of time.

We all know that spot reduction doesn’t work and crunches and sit ups pretty much leave you with a sore back and neck for the next 3 days.

So why train the core at all then?

Good question…

To keep it simple your core is the bridge between your lower body and upper body. (you already knew that though)

To have your body functioning well at any form of exercise, the better the connection between your upper and lower body the more effective your body becomes.

Think of all the best exercises like Squats, Lunges, Deadlifts, Bench Press & Rows.

They all require a strong connection between your lower and upper body.

Also the gazillion other benefits (yes it’s a real number) like alleviating back pain, improvement in physical performance, improved posture, slimmer waist line & being able to quickly run to the fridge whilst game of thrones is on without missing more than 10 seconds. (The ultimate benefit)

So here are my 5 top core exercises:

Cable Woodchoppers (low – high)

Suitcase Deadlifts

Cable Push-Throughs

Renegade Rows

TRX Alternating Knee Tuck


So there you have it. Feel free to try each one at the end of resistance training workout.

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Feb-May 2016 Transformation Challenge Winners

Firstly i wanted to congratulate everyone the entered the Anytime Fitness 12 week challenge.  We had a completion rate of just under 50% which i way above the industry average.

So without further ado i introduced the top 4 contestants from this years 12 week challenge.

4th Place Goes To Adam Gough

Adam did exceptionally well in this challenge.

This was his 2nd go at our challenge and ironically also finished 4th in Dec 15′s challenge.

I hope he continues on as I truly believe he has a top 3 finish in him.

Adam’s official results:
Weight Loss: 6.9 Kg’s
Body Fat Decrease: 4.8 %
Muscle Gains: 0.5 Kg’s

Adam Front blog Adam side blog3rd Place Goes To Dylan Holmes

As you can see Dylan has done extremely well in the challenge. He able to not only lose a considerable amount of body fat, but also improved on lean muscle mass which is an important part of any body transformation.

Dylan’s official results:
Weight Loss: 12.8 Kg’s
Body Fat Decrease: 11.3 %
Muscle Gains: 0.3 Kg’s

dylan front blog dylan side blog

2nd Place Goes To Ashley Ziegerink

Ash has done an amazing job with her transformation. The big part about Ash’s results was that even though she didn’t lose the amount of body fat as some of the other competitors, Ash improved on her lean muscle mass. This will help her considerably in achieving her overall goal.

You must remember this isn’t a weight loss challenge, this is about setting up your metabolism for your health to last you a lifetime and Ash has made a dint in this over the last 12 weeks.

Ash’s Official Results:
Weight Loss: 6.1 Kg’s
Body Fat Loss: 6.5 %
Muscle Gained: 0.8 Kg’s

ash awards
The Winner Of The 12 Week Body Transformation Goes To Laura Noble

Once again the winner of the challenge was the hardest worker in and out of the gym. Her trainer Rachel informed us that she never missed a scheduled workout that Rachel had provided and going through her food diary, it was almost faultless.

Once again it re-affirms in my mind that if you follow everything to the letter you will achieve nothing but amazing results.

Laura’s Official Results:
Weight Loss: 13.4 Kg’s
Body Fat Loss: 13.89 %
Muscle Gained: 0.85 Kg’s
Cm’s Lost: 80 Cm’s

laura front blog laura side blog


Body Transformation Success Triangle Part 2

I open up on what is inside the Body Transformation Success Triangle.

As we stated in Part 1 of this video, Intense cardio, Weight Training & Nutrition hold up the outside of the triangle.

But the inside is were the magic happens.

Watch the video below to find out whats on the inside of the Body Transformation Success Triangle.

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Body Transformation Success Triangle Part 1 of 2

What does it take to completely transform your physique?

To be honest exercise alone is never enough. Click the video below to find out exactly what it takes to take your physique to the next level.

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Breaking Bad Habits: Why Mindset Matters

If you have ever tried to ignore a box of doughnuts at work, you know how hard it is to keep your hands to yourself and walk on by. And once you walk on by, the battle isn’t over. Even if you are in a different room and down the hall, you can’t stop thinking about those doughnuts.

Why is it so hard to resist something as small and seemingly innocent as a doughnut? It has to do with habit—and mind set.

personal training croydon

Hardwired habits

The draw you feel from that doughnut goes way beyond just a mild interest: you are wired to want it, and resistance is hard. In his book, The End of Overeating, Dr. David Kessler MD explains the breakdown:

When you taste foods that are highly palatable (such as foods containing excess sugar, fat and salt), your brain releases opioids into your blood stream. Opioids are brain chemicals that cause you to have intense feelings of reward and pleasure, as well as relieving pain and stress. The pleasurable effect is similar to the feelings that morphine and heroin users experience. The desire may be so intense that you keep taking one bite after another: it can be hard to stop.

That explains why you keep eating. But why do you give in and approach that doughnut box in the first place? Why not just refuse to take that first bite?

The answer is another brain chemical called dopamine. Dopamine is responsible for motivating you to seek out the doughnut so you can get the opioid release. You remember how good it tasted and how great it made you feel. Dopamine energizes you to work for that doughnut. It causes you to concentrate on it and drives you to seek it out.

Once this process happens a few times, the whole cycle becomes a habit that is very reward focused, very ingrained and very hard to break. Your brain’s circuitry has become mapped and wired to want the doughnut. And you don’t even have to be near the doughnut for this process to start–the dopamine can kick in even when there are no doughnuts in site: ever made a run to the store for a treat that you just had to have right then?

The result

Over one-third of all adults in our country are obese. We live in a society in which we are surrounded by highly-palatable foods (think fast foods and processed foods). The deeply ingrained habit of eating unhealthy food and too much of it is widespread. Everywhere we turn we are bombarded not only with unhealthy food, but also with a neural circuitry that drives us to pursue that unhealthy food.

Remap your brain with mindset

And now the good news: you can start right now to change the trajectory that you are on. You can rewire your brain and begin reducing the power that those opioid-producing foods have over you. You can draw a new map in your mind that will have you passing by the doughnuts on your way to better pleasures.

The secret is mindset. You must want something else more than you want those fleeting moments of pleasure that the doughnuts bring you. What is it? What do want? Maybe you want to drop a couple of jeans sizes. Maybe you want to be off your blood pressure medication. Maybe you want to be known as an ‘athletic’ type person. Maybe you want to keep disease at bay. Or maybe you just want the immense satisfaction of being in control of yourself! People who can’t resist a doughnut have given away power over their own lives!

croydon personal training

Once you know what you want, go after it with the following strategies:

1. Stop. There is no other way to say this: you must stop eating foods that are not in your plan. In the beginning, this will be difficult. When everyone around you is tossing back pizza and soft drinks, you will struggle. You will smell the pizza, you will be in the emotionally charged atmosphere and dopamine will be flowing in your bloodstream. Think about what you want more than that doughnut; think about what you can only have by resisting the doughnut. Sheer will-power is what you have to use at this point.

2. Savor the victory. Once you come out on the other side having successfully won the battle within your own mind, you will have accomplished much more than just saying no to a piece of pizza. You will have begun ‘cooling’ the stimulus, as Dr. Kessler puts it. You have taken the first step toward weakening the circuitry in your brain that drives you to habitual patterns of behaviour. The next time, it will be easier. And after that, even easier.

3. Focus on new rewards. As you remap your brain, you are creating new neural pathways that in time will be stronger than the weakening, “doughnut-centered” pathways. Make sure these new rewards are life-giving and energy-producing, such as the thrill you get when you can run a 5K or set a PR in your weight-lifting.

You can have power over habits: it’s all about mindset. You can do this!


Cold And Flu Season Is Here!! How To Protect Yourself From Getting Sick…

Winter is here, and that means that cold and flu season has arrived. Have you ever noticed that some people seldom get sick?

Or maybe you have wondered why after being exposed to the same virus, one person gets ill while the other remains well.

The reason lies in the strength of the immune system. And the strength of your immune system is largely dependent upon the condition of your digestive system.

Croydon Personal Training

When you are exposed to bad bacteria or viruses, it is up to your immune system to protect you from being infected. If your immune system is strong, your body will fight off the threat. If your immune system is weak or compromised, you may end up sick.

Microbes: the good, the bad, and the ugly

Inside your digestive system are many microbes. Microbes are live organisms that affect your overall health.

Some of these organisms are beneficial and protect you from disease. These good bacteria recognize when illness-producing intruders enter your body; they promptly attack the intruders so you do not get sick. If you do not have enough good bacteria in your gut, you will be more susceptible not only to infections such as colds and stomach flu, but you will also be at risk for autoimmune diseases such as colitis, rheumatoid arthritis and Chron’s disease.

Ideally you have a large supply of these good microbes living in your gut. But they can easily become depleted. If you have recently taken antibiotics, you have had not only the bad bacteria wiped out, but also the good bacteria. Antibiotics are not selective in their destruction.

Antibiotics are not the only way that good bacteria become depleted in your digestive system. The chlorine in your drinking water can destroy them, as can the pesticide residue on the food that you eat.

Once the supply of beneficial microbes in your intestines dwindles, bad microbes such as yeast, fungi and disease-causing bacteria begin to take up residence. When the scale tips in favor of the bad, your immune system becomes compromised.

Enter Probiotics

Croydon Personal Training

If you think you might be deficient in good microbes, it is not difficult to remedy the problem. The solution is to take probiotics. Probiotics are good microbes that you can consume in your diet. They then settle in your digestive system and get to work protecting you from illness and destroying the bad bacteria that may be living there.

Probiotics are available in capsule form, but you can also replenish the good microbes by eating yogurt. Check the label on the yogurt that you buy to make sure it says that it contains active cultures—those are the good bacteria that you need to eat.

Take action now and get a head start on this year’s cold and flu season.

You can get ahead of the game by improving your gut function and fighting illness.


Food Sensitive VS Food Allergies 101

More and more we are hearing about food allergies and food sensitivities. Because they are such common conditions, it is important to understand the difference between the two and what the health issues are which surround them.

The difference between food sensitivities and food allergies

Though on the surface food sensitivities and food allergies may seem like the same thing (they can even cause some of the same symptoms), they are, in fact, two different conditions.

Croydon personal training

The least common of the two is a food allergy. A food allergy will bring about a response from the immune system that can impact several different parts of your body. Food allergies can be life-threatening.

Food sensitivity or food intolerance symptoms are less serious but are more common, being typically confined to the digestive tract.

The gut connection

When you have a food allergy, your body essentially treats the food as something that is threatening to your body and therefore mounts an attack against it. The reason for the attack is that particles of that food and other molecules have traveled from the intestines into the bloodstream; but they are not supposed to be there.

How did they get there? Through what is known as a leaky gut. A normal, healthy intestine has walls that are tight, allowing only small molecules such as vitamins, simple sugars and amino acids to pass through it. But when the gut becomes overly permeable, larger molecules, toxins, bacteria and bits of undigested waste pass through into the blood stream. These molecules are not supposed to be in the bloodstream at all.

The result is that this triggers a response in the body, and the large molecules are treated as foreigners, triggering an immune reaction leading to digestion problems, autoimmune diseases and additional food allergies. If your body begins producing antibodies to certain foods and food groups, then those foods will be treated as pathogenic by your body.

What are the causes and symptoms of leaky gut?

There are many causes of leaky gut.

These include:

  • Anti-inflammatory medications such as ibuprofen and aspirin
  • Alcohol and caffeine
  • Antacid medications
  • Food additives
  • Allergies to food
  • Stress
  • Infections within the bowel itself
  • Diets high in refined flours, sugars and other processed foods
  • Candidiasis
  • Antibiotics

If you have leaky gut, you may experience a range of symptoms such as fatigue, joint and muscle pain, pain and bloating in the abdomen, skin rashes, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and depression.

The solution

croydon personal training

The good news is that if you think you have leaky gut, there are several action steps you can take to begin healing. The key is to remove anything that may be contributing to your condition, while at the same time feed your body what it needs to begin repairing the damage.

Try the following suggestions to start on the road to healing and health:

  • Eliminate alcohol and caffeine from your diet.
  • Stop using all anti-inflammatory drugs.
  • Chew your food thoroughly and take a digestive enzyme to aid digestion.
  • Take probiotics to increase the number of friendly microbes in your intestines.
  • Stop eating refined, white flour, sugar and processed foods.
  • Drink plenty of filtered water.

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Liver Detoxification 101

When was the last time you thought about your liver? If you are like most people, this amazing organ does not command much of your attention. But if you are interested in living as healthily as possible, attending to your liver can have big payoffs.

personal training croydon

Named after the Old English word for “life,” the liver is a critically important part of your body. The array of functions it performs is staggering. These include:

  • Controlling blood sugar
  • Regulating fat storage
  • Producing proteins
  • Cleansing the blood
  • Metabolizing fat
  • Producing energy

However, if toxins clog and overwhelm the liver, it will cease to perform its functions correctly. If the liver cannot cleanse the toxins from the body effectively, those toxins can trigger an immune response, which not only can burden the immune system but also lead to autoimmune diseases such as arthritis.

You may also find that weight control becomes much more difficult as a result of a backed-up liver. Blood sugar control, fat storage and metabolism are all critical factors in weight management, and your liver is a key player in this delicate balance. A toxic liver cannot keep up with its metabolic functions if it is unhealthy.

Other symptoms of liver overload are food allergies, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, skin conditions and digestive problems such as heartburn and bloating.

What causes a toxic liver?

Every day our bodies are bombarded by many different toxins, and it is primarily the job of the liver to handle this toxic load. These toxins can come from pesticides and chemicals used in the production of our food, environmental substances such as impure water and pollution, medications, artificial sweeteners, high amounts of animal fat and even caffeine and alcohol.

Cleansing the liver

While there is no escaping all exposure to toxins and poisons, there are some things we can do to not only lighten the load on our liver but also to cleanse and detoxify it.

personal training croydon

  • Exercise: When your circulation is enhanced, all of your organs perform better, including your liver. Moderate exercise and deep breathing will stimulate your circulation and blood flow, and this in turn will deliver nutrients and oxygen to all parts of your body. Aim for at least 30 minutes of exercise each day.
  • Diet: Cleansing the liver involves avoiding the offenders such as artificial sweeteners, overly processed foods, chemical additives, pesticides, excess animal fat and medication (if possible). It also involves adding in foods that are believed to help to cleanse the liver such as garlic, grapefruit, beets, carrots, green tea, filtered water, leafy green vegetables and olive oil.
  • Environment: Try to reduce your exposure to environmental toxins whenever possible. Moderating your use of strong cleaning chemicals, avoiding tap water and getting plenty of fresh air may help. Using natural personal care products will also reduce the toxic load on your liver, as these tend to be absorbed through the skin into the blood stream.

Any effort you make towards cleansing your liver and taking better care of this vital organ will bring big payoffs in terms of your overall health, both short term and long term.

Do you have liver cleansing tips? Leave them in the comment section below!

Announcing The Winners Of The 12-Week Body Transformation Challenge

4th Place Goes To Justine Eglinton

Justine did exceptionally well in this challenge.

If you didn’t know Justine was last years 12 week challenge winner.

To come back and place in the next one is almost never heard off.

Justine’s official results:
Weight Loss: 8Kg’s
Body Fat Decrease: 6%
Muscle Gains: 1.15 Kg’s
Cm’s Lost: 41.5 Cm’s

justine before and after side



justine before and after front3rd Place Goes To Monique Hutchinson

As you can see the challenge isn’t all about weight loss.

Even thought Monique barely lost any scale weight you can see in her photo’s the huge improvement in her physique

Monique’s official results:
Weight Loss: .3 Kg’s
Body Fat Decrease: 3.14%
Muscle Gains: 1.45 Kg’s
Cm’s Lost: 15.5 Cm’s

Monique before and after frontMonique before and after side

2nd Place Goes To Nicole Hutchinson

Nicole did extremely well considering she has some issue with her body that limited her exercise regime.

Nicole is a true testament that nutrition plays the biggest role in a body transformation.

Nicole’s Results:
Weight Loss: 10.4 Kg’s
Body Fat Loss: 10.45%
Muscle Gained: 1.8 Kg’s
Cm’s Lost: 59 Cm’s

Nicole before and after frontNicole before and after side

The Winner Of The 12 Week Body Transformation Goes To James Pratt

James did everything that was required of him from his trainer. Nutrition and training will pretty much fault less. This has earned him the right to be crowned the 12 Week Challenge Champion

James’s Results:
Weight Loss: 10.3 Kg’s
Body Fat Loss: 7.58%
Muscle Gained: 2.16 Kg’s
Cm’s Lost: 23 Cm’s


James before and after front
James before and after side


It’s Summer! Beat The Heat With These Summer Workout Tips

Baby, it’s hot out there!

If you have been working out over the past winter and spring months, you may be surprised at the new challenges that summertime fitness throws at you. Now it is the start of January Summer has really kicked into gear, and you are probably discovering that your body reacts to the heat and humidity differently than it does to cooler, drier conditions.

Croydon Personal Training

But don’t let the heat cause you to lose your momentum. You can keep working hard in the summer, you just have to adjust your approach a little. Keep the following summertime fitness tips in mind as you continue getting stronger and healthier.

1. Cool down first! You can improve your performance in the heat by lowering your body temperature before heading outside. Taking a cold shower or simply putting ice cold cloths on the back of your neck can help you to better tolerate the heat.

2. Find some shade. You may need to move your workout to a different area in order to be in the shade. If you are a runner or biker, change your route to a wooded area.

3. Avoid caffeine. Because caffeine acts as a diuretic, it forces water out of your system. This is the last thing you want when exercising in the summer heat. Save your caffeine intake for several hours before or after your workout, rather than near the time you will be exercising.

4. Stay hydrated! Drinking plenty of water before, during and after your workout will reduce the heat stress on your body.

Croydon Personal Training

5. Choose your clothing carefully. Now more than ever it is important to wear clothing that will move sweat away from your body and help it evaporate it quickly. A cotton t-shirt may be fine in the winter, but you will be much cooler in a fabric designed for exercise.

6. Change your workout time. If you are used to exercising during lunch or in the afternoon, you may need to adjust your schedule for the summer months. Early mornings and late evenings are the best times for outdoor exercise. On blistering, hot days, even the shade will not bring much relief.

7. Wear white or light colored clothing. Lighter colors reflect the heat better than darker, more intense colors.

8. Take breaks. Your body can only handle so much extreme heat. When the thermometer climbs, you may find that you need more frequent breaks to keep performing at your best. Be sure to take them. Listening to your body and caring for it is not a sign of weakness: it’s smart.

9. Monitor your heart. The heat places greater stress on your heart. Keep tabs on your heart rate as you work out in the heat. If it spikes quickly or stays too high, give it a rest.

10. Hit the gym. You may find that it is best to simply move your workout indoors for the summer. If you would prefer not to put your body under summer stress, work out in a gym.You will have the added benefit of personal attention and group accountability. It’s a great time to work on form, increase intensity, and plan out a new and exciting workout routine. Beat the heat by mixing things up this summer-try a gym workout.